Mystery Shopping – How Employers Can Use Mystery Shopping to Catch Dishonest Employees

Mystery Shopping - How Employers Can Use Mystery Shopping to Catch Dishonest Employees

Mystery shopping is an excellent way to test out your restaurant and make sure that your restaurants are meeting or exceeding your customers’ expectations. Many of the rules surrounding mystery shopping have changed over the years, but many of the basic guidelines have not. As you begin to plan your business’s mystery shoppers, there are a few things that you should always keep in mind. These tips will make mystery shopping a more enjoyable and successful experience for all involved.

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Do your research:

Before you even start planning your mystery shopping campaign, do your research! You should talk with your local competition to see what they are doing to get noticed and to get people’s opinions about their food, ambiance, and other aspects of their businesses. You can also contact local small business associations to see if any of your competitors use mystery shoppers to collect feedback. If you can’t find any information about any local professionals, you can always check the Internet to see if there are any consumer groups, organizations, or websites that might have such information. After you have done your research, it will be time to contact mystery shopping companies and arrange to visit their establishments.

Be patient:

When you set up to go to a restaurant for mystery shopping, you must remember to keep a level head and be patient. Your goal is not to yell at the wait staff, throw dishes in their faces, or curse at them because they did not receive high scores in a particular area. Instead, have a level head and just try to enjoy the entire experience. 

Take performance notes:

If the employee did not do a good job, give them the chance to take notes about their performance. You should also ask if the manager or owner felt that the mystery shopping was done properly and that tips were given fairly. If they felt otherwise, then ask if they would be willing to take notes on how things could be done to make it better. 

Never be rude with people:

One important tip to remember when mystery shopping is to never be rude to the people you are visiting. Many mystery shopping shops have very nice employees who do care about their customers. They do not want anyone to feel uncomfortable or to be embarrassed while they are there shopping. For this reason, if you feel like a shopper is being rude to you, simply walk away from the situation.

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