4 Steps Guide to Installing Porcelain Tiles

4 Steps Guide to Installing Porcelain Tiles

If you’re a first-time do-it-yourselfer, installing porcelain tiles can seem daunting. While hiring a professional is not the only option, not everyone can afford to hire someone to install the tile for them. Even though installing porcelain outdoor tiles may be more difficult than laying down regular tiles, it is an easy process that you can complete yourself. Follow our four steps guide to installing porcelain tiles. Reputable porcelain tiles suppliers in Dubai provide these tips.

Applying thin-set mortar:

When applying thin-set mortar to your floor, you can choose between two common types: unmodified and modified. The former is made with cement, water, and coarse sand, while the latter contains polymer additives. The former is applied in a thicker layer than the latter, which prolongs the drying time of the tile and acts as a buffer between it and the subfloor.

Preparing the area for installation:

If you’re planning to install porcelain tiles, you should start by removing any fixtures and furnishings that you’re not keeping. You should also take down any accessories and décor. You must also remove base trim from around toilets and walls. If necessary, plug the toilet drain to prevent harmful gasses from leaking during the installation process. Then, you can start preparing the area for porcelain tile installation. After all, the tile you’re installing will be visible for a long time.

Cleaning up caulk:

The first step in cleaning up caulk before installing porcelain tile is to remove all caulk from the surface. A scouring pad dampened with mineral spirits, rubbing alcohol, or acetone can be used. Make sure to dry the area thoroughly before walking on it and using it. You can also use a caulk remover if you use another type of sealant. If you use this method, you need to wait at least one hour before using it.

Sealing the grout after an appropriate period

Before you seal the grout, you should first test it in a small inconspicuous area. This will allow you to check for any unforeseen issues before applying the sealer. Sealing the grout after an appropriate period will allow the grout to fully cure and ensure that you get the finish you desire. Depending on the brand of grout you use, different procedures may be required. Once you have completed this, you should leave the tiles alone for seven days.

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