How to make an Islamic Will

How to make an Islamic Will

A will is a legal document that expresses wishes of a person as to how his assets are to be distributed. If a person dies without preparing a will, then his assets are distributed according to the law of the country. Islamic countries follow the rules of ‘Sharia’ to distribute the assets of the deceased person if he had died before preparing his will.

Listed below is the way to make an Islamic will:

1. Always make a list of all your assets and check their financial value. If the value of the assets is more than a specific amount then you will have to consider inheritance tax avoidance strategies.

2. Take professional advice even though it is purely based on your wishes but if you want to divide your assets equally then it is better to seek help. Sometimes, people have complicated matters so it becomes a necessity to take advice from a professional.

There are certain criteria’s to be followed:

a) A person must be 18 years of age.

b) A person should be sane.

c) The will should be in writing.

d) A person should identify themselves as the author of the will.

e) A person must state that it is their final will if they have any previous wills as it will imply that they are cancelled.

f) The will should have a date and your signatures.

g) The will should be made in presence of at least two witnesses.

3. A person should mention about his burial rites in the will. If a person wants for him to be buried according to Islam then he should mention that. You can ask for not having your body to be subjected to post mortem. You can even tell where your body should be buried and if you want to be buried without any delay. You can donate your organs and if you do not want that, you should mention that in the will as well.

4. You can decide as to what to leave to whom in your wills in UAE. However, the assets will be distributed after the payment of taxes, debts and the funeral expenses. One-third of your assets can be given according to your wish to whomever you want – people who are not legal heirs. Two-third must be divided among the legal heirs. You can leave specific sums of money or items for any specified person.

5. If you have children who are younger than 18 years then you should appoint for them a guardian who will look after them after you die.

If you are in UAE, then you can hire a professional who will advise you according to your needs. You can search Abu Dhabi wills to make a legal will in your life.

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